Here are 5 easy steps to edit a page... plus a helpful guide the the wikispace toolbar!

Editing a page means that you are changing the contents of that page. If, instead, you think that what you want to contribute is a totally different subject from the page you are on, consult our tutorial on creating a new page. For example, if you are on another teacher's page and you think "wow, this is really great; I want to talk about what my students are doing too!" then creating a new page would be most appropriate. You don't want to put all your students' activities on Jane Doe's page! However, if you are looking at your page and you see a typo, then editing it is most appropriate, of course. If you want to add information to your page--perhaps your students just finished a really exciting project and you want to share the information with everyone here--you would also want to edit your page and simply append the new information. You don't want all your students' works to be scattered all over a hundred different pages.

If you are sure you want to edit a page and not add one, then please continue on with the tutorial!

Step 1: Choose a page to edit

Step 2: Click on "Edit" tab in upper right hand corner

edit page-1 with arrows.jpg

Step 3: Begin Editing the Page

Note: you may notice that the background for this image, and later ones, is not the same as before; this is taken from an earlier example. The textbox is the same, though, so don't worry.


Guide to Wikispace Toolbar:


Step 5: Save Edits


You've edited a Wikispace page!